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You walked into our lives, a quiet storm not so concealed behind your grinning charm. Patchouli and vanilla mixed with cigarette smoke...

And Then They Came For Me

Yesterday women lost jurisdiction over their bodies. Tomorrow the courts are coming back for birth control, gay rights and whatever other...

Going Back To Normal

Going back to normal. Do I want to go back? Back into an automaton lifestyle of rushing through bumper to bumper stop-and-go traffic to...

Life /līf/ n:

Being curious enough to ask questions, seek answers, and respond appropriately. Then ask bigger questions. Never stop seeking.

Hurt Boys

Oh how those hurt boys feel so good Strong men with little boy hearts Hurt so good Yummy Sweet Make me cry Make me die In the bedroom I...


Connection on the physical is easy a mingling of parts but we long to connect our hearts and that's the hard part


You make plans and God laughs That’s what I always heard. But talk is cheap Ninety-nine cents And honestly sometimes I just need to vomit...

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