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The Misery Industrial Complex

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Misery Industrial Complex

The news, entertainment, and advertising media is an installation of brutality, operated by the evilest and most corrupt group of human beings on this side of hell. Take a moment to imagine: there exists a small group of individuals who protect themselves from legal responsibility behind corporate structures designed to keep the world divided and fighting.

To say there is a good media or advertising company would be a lie. There is no good media company. It’s all one big Misery Industrial Complex, and it runs like a well-oiled machine.

This Machine functions by first disrupting our emotions. Anger and fear are extremely addictive, and the Machine knows this. So it hurls humankind back and forth, pitting us against one another in a game of emotional bumper cars. As a result, we become so engulfed in anger and fear that we lose the ability to think clearly. Now we are subservient to the Machine.

Then come the advertisers. Once the media corporations have corralled enough of us into an addicted state of rage, fear, and hopelessness, they start charging access to their herd or ‘consumer base.’ This is how they make money. Advertisements.

Advertising dollars pour in from other industrial corporations, also part of the Misery Industrial Complex, to sell us cheap and poorly manufactured products built by slaves in impoverished countries. We’re told that these products will solve all our problems, problems created by the Machine, and we’re so miserable that we believe they really are selling us happiness. So, we buy into it, and it’s only $9.99 after all. What a deal!

Polarization and division are effective tools to use against humanity. We are told what to think, how to feel, how to vote, who to be angry at, and ultimately how to spend our energy within this manipulated reality. We toil and work dead-end jobs so that we can placate the misery that was designed for us with trinkets that were created to extract even more energy (money) from us.

All this money flows upwards to the masters of the Machine because the myth of trickle-down economics is just that, a myth. The Machine maintains a divided humanity to keep the game going on forever, and that's why human suffering knows no bounds.

The scariest part of it all is that the Misery Machine is so well installed into our lives that we barely even notice. But it’s there. Constantly planting anger and fear deep into our subconscious minds through at gas station monitors by the pumps, on elevators, on our phones, on car radios, in movies, billboards, magazines, in songs, and in Saturday morning cartoons. Consumerism. We let it into our homes to devour the minds of our children and families.

But do not despair. The Misery Industrial Complex, as insidious and inescapable as it may seem, is able to be defeated. We just have to break free of our anger addiction, and we do that by first becoming aware of it collectively.

It's a bloodless rebellion. We begin by removing the Machine installation, piece by piece, from our spaces. Let us turn our attention away from televisions and electronic devices, tools of the Machine, so that we can hear our own minds and the voices of our friends again. Let's begin spending time re-acquainting ourselves with one another in real life. Face-to-face.

Let’s talk to our neighbors. Let’s talk to people we’ve never met. Let’s talk to weirdos. Yes, even people we usually wouldn’t talk to. Especially the ones that the Misery Machine has told us to fear.

Instead of letting the Misery Machine dictate our lives, let us spend our time getting to like one another again. Because that’s how we stop the Misery Industrial Complex once and for all, by reuniting mankind.

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