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You make plans and God laughs

That’s what I always heard.

But talk is cheap

Ninety-nine cents

And honestly sometimes I just need to vomit some words

I need stimulation for sure.

Feelings are a result of chemicals

secreted and depleted

ups and downs

highs and lows

aboves and belows

My glass is empty

energy shot

He wants a picture of my feet

Jesus Christ I’ve got

To do something meaningful

He’s up, and he’s down



Gotta get started again

Take a walk

get some sun

figure it out, how do i figure it out?

What’s the meaning of this? What’s the highest meaning,

a little slice of bliss?

I could use a bite of that for sure.

And then I’m in Bora Bora,

the water sloshing under the villa

I wake up seasick, or I imagine I’d be seasick in my fantasy.

The sun, golden orgasm and water, aquamarine

with a sparkle rivaling diamonds

I feel bright, light, happy. This is where happy lives

Or maybe it’s money.

Day trade, buy, sell

the Dow is down, oh well

Put your stimulus in my budget deficit

Or get out!

I’ve got work to do here.

Get out and start your engine again

He’s up, up, up and away

He rolls with the flow

like slosh beneath the over-water villas again

that’s where happy lives

He gets a little seasick

but gets up to look out onto those diamond waters

he feels the golden heat kiss his skin

And all is rightside up again.


Bora Bora by Hannah McDow
Bora Bora by Hannah McDow

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