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Things Change

For the past few years I had felt very unfulfilled in my life. I've wondered what my purpose was. What was I put on this earth to do? ...

The Year of the Pivot

This year started out with a flu-like experience, news of pay raise and continued heartbreak. But nearly crippled by failure, I learned how

My Pie

My pie is my kingdom Where I reign from the sky My pie is so golden Oh pie, my pie My pie is so warm It’s gracious and gooey My pie is...

Raised By Matriarchs

She woke up angry with a taste for war as she made her morning tea and with the allegiance of higher forces- angels friends and God at...


You won't find love in a partner or career It's not under your pillow when the tooth fairy comes near There ain't no love on a hundred...


During my morning walk I feel as if my earbud, which is blasting a podcast, is slipping out of my left ear. I reach up to push it back in.


Breathe We can’t The virus has masked our emotions coughs come as bites our chests they chew Fear has taken root And a knee to the neck

Final Touch

When Stacie died, I regretted not rubbing her feet. I don’t know why I was compelled to rub her feet to begin with, but it felt instinctual.

Beauty 2.0

What makes beautiful? A body made lean through denial? curves emaciation injectables make more sexy the sweet child from Little House on...

Los Angeles Riots 2020

A series of peaceful protests were staged across the City Of Angels as a result of the brutal police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis

American Consumer

Consumers we’re born and Consumers we’ll die we’re skin over bone with coins for eyes The land of the free and the home of the brave...


You ain’t got nothing If you don’t have a Dream In a world stuck on money Time’s wasted it seems On trying to keep up With someone else’s

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