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Beauty 2.0

What makes beautiful?

A body made lean through denial?



injectables make more sexy

the sweet child 

from Little House on the Prairie

starving for cake 

hungry to be loved 

screaming to be heard

over the crowd

to be worthy

with a body As Seen On TV

but you don’t fit 

because you got the 

Not Enoughs:

hair, collagen, humor

Muscle, pizazz

Or the Too Muches:

sag, age, lipstick


be anorexic with the If Only’s

vomit up those I Shoulds

‘cause you’ll never measure up 

to insecure movie stars 

made small by fitting into 

a prison designed years 

before their existence

the secret truth is this:

beauty is yours for the taking

so take it

by the throat if you must

and make it in your image

you are the boss

you set the rules

don’t be beautiful

have beautiful be you

By Toni Mazuranic
Girl with the Red Lipstick by Toni Mazuranic

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