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Raised By Matriarchs

She woke up angry

with a taste for war

as she made her morning tea

and with the allegiance of higher forces-



and God at her command-

heads would roll like marbles

if need be

He did not believe he had this strength

the strength of a mother

of a warrior queen defending her young

that it wasn’t entirely in his nature

So she came forth

with fury

with the force to destroy all enemies

lurking in his path

to heal a heartbreak through anger

with fire

a creative force

rage that only a woman could know

That’s what brewed inside him now

something he didn’t understand:

the glowing coals of charred remains

that a man couldn’t touch

because his hands

were unaccustomed to infernos

So she stepped up

all the matriarchs from his past

rising from deep inside of him

to take up the flaming sword

and defend his innocence

to love through wrath

to bring pain upon those

who brought pain upon her house

She rose up.

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