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I am COVID 19. Healer disguised as sickness. Your ancestors knew me as my previous incarnations: The Spanish Flu. The Black Death...

Memories of Comfort

The memories come flooding back to me of life on the farm, more specifically of the time that I felt most safe: in my mother's arms, in a...

Looking Ahead

I've learned that sometimes a good old fashioned freak out is just what a person needs in order to get the motor running on a solution.

Home Office Apocalypse

Not what I expected, boy interrupted, not at all unnerved, just a little ill-adjusted Pull those curtains back, welcome in the light, no...

Do Your Best

Work was rough this week. I thought working from home was going to be so easy and wonderful, and in a way it is. I can set my own schedule

Pandemic Life

So I’ve been trying to keep things mostly lite with all this impending doom. Work has been nothing but hectic because all of our March and

Call It

all this anger is starved sadness it's me moving on without my heart song


What if we've created a trap by labeling one another? Lover. Murderer. Comedian. Doctor. Bitch. Liar. Good. Homophobe. Saint. Jew. Kind.

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Welcome to my home...well not literally because there's no roof here, but this is my digital home (or at least one of them). Finally I have

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