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What If: Questioning Our Most Uncertain Future

What if Joe Biden wins the presidency? Like Trump he will have succeeded in rallying his base in spite of the sexual assault allegations levied against him. Will Republicans deter from their usual path and take sexual assault allegations more seriously this time? Will Democrats demand the same critical investigation into the allegations like they did during the Trump Administration?

What if Biden appoints his children and closest friends, like Trump has, to high government positions and, like the Trump family, the Biden family uses the Biden name to enrich themselves with domestic and foreign businesses and leaders in exchange for political favors? What if Hunter Biden becomes his father's most trusted personal advisor, much like Jared Kushner is to President Trump, and has access to classified national information?

What if a congressional investigation is opened by a minority of opposing senators seeking to remove President Biden from office for crimes against the state but, similarly to Trump's impeachment, the majority of democratic ruling senators succeed in quashing the conviction by suppressing evidence and all of the witnesses?

What if, like President Trump, President Biden fails to deliver a fair and affordable healthcare system for all? A workable trade deal? A lower national deficit/debt?

What if President Biden, following in the footsteps of President Trump, embraces the dictators and enemies of democracy while destroying relations with our long-held international allies and friends?

What if Biden refuses to reveal his taxes? Will Republicans be concerned this time?

What if Biden declares a war on the free press like his predecessor? Will Democrats justify his efforts like Republicans do during the current administration?

What if President, like Trump before him, calls our next pandemic a hoax and leaves our country unable to mobilize with expediency?

What if Biden antagonizes disloyal governors and senators the way that Trump has?

What if Democratic and Republican leadership alike continue to choose party over country, rich over poor, war over peace, profit over person? What if these same leaders continue to divide voters over party lines? What if politics continue to take precedence over progress? What if the wealth of a few remains more important than the health and dignity of the masses? What if we continue to not listen to one another?

And most importantly, where will we be in another four years if we continue along this path of morally temperamental behavior? Will we be better off or worse? I challenge you to take a moment and think about that.

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