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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Work was rough this week. I thought working from home was going to be so easy and wonderful, and in a way it is. I can set my own schedule, wear what I want, eat when I want, workout more often and take a nap for lunch. And yet there have been some adjustments I didn't see coming.

I am not one of those people who can sleep in late. My body has it's own internal timer and 6am is when it's rise and shine time. But honestly I don't mind waking up early because I prefer the quiet mornings and getting a head start. However every morning and noon and evening are all quiet now. The thump thump thump that I typically hear from local dance clubs down the street have shuttered their doors and nights are mostly silent.

There also seems to be a timelessness now. Not being on a more strict schedule has caused days to melt into one another. I go by dates now rather than days and Fridays are no longer relevant because everyday could very well be a Friday. Or a Sunday for that matter.

I have the shortest commute. I literally walk to the shower and then walk 40 feet to my my kitchen. I used to spend around $100+ in gas per month to drive to work and do my errands. Now I haven't even gone through a quarter of a tank in a week. But I also don't get out as much. Yes, traffic is absolutely amazing, but there is no where to really go. The parks and the beach parking is closed. Now I try to take a weekly joyride with music blasting and the top down just for fun.

I get to workout when I want in my own home, however I miss the gym sometimes. I miss working harder because people are watching and being driven by the communal energy. And I miss that leg extension machine which makes my weak knees feel less achy.

This week was rough, not because of all these things I've mentioned above are detriments, but mainly because of the adjustment and some setbacks. My computer died. I got a new one. My printer died. I got a new one. My new computer had some issues, which I fixed. Meanwhile work, texts, emails and housework pile up.

Last night it all came to a climax when my new printer wouldn't work. It's new and it wouldn't print the paperwork I desperately needed printed. I troubleshot to no success and at one point I even had a conversation and threatened to slam dunk the printer into the dumpster like I did with my last printer on Wednesday. Still no cooperation This printer was a fickle bitch who wouldn't budge.

I've faced bigger issues than a printer that wouldn't print but after a compounding set of changes, adjustments and restructuring my mental capacity and energy for tolerating such minor issues was shot. Yelling threats at inanimate objects was a sign that it was time to pour a drink and walk the hell away. And that's what I did. I immediately felt better.

I had done my best all week. On a moment's notice I had converted our entire office into a work from home situation. I got all of our files online and restructured routines so my team of associates could seamlessly work from home without a centralized office. I handled and organized a mass influx of cancellations from clients which would have otherwise been terribly overwhelming and confusing. I restructured my entire home to accommodate this new way of life, stocked up on every item for a 3 month apocalypse, worked out, cooked all my own meals every single day and handled issues from 30 tenants.

Yes, I had done my best and now a printer was threatening to break the handle I had on life. So I walked away and saved the fight for another day. In that moment walking away and giving my mind and brain a rest was the best thing to do.

I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of passion and drive and by 8am I was printing again. Success! Me vs Technology 1/0. Rest and renewal is key.

Yes, working from home has it's benefits. I'm enjoying it. But I do miss some office interaction, and restructuring was somewhat of a nightmare. But I'm handling it piece by piece, day by day the best I can. The interruption of normal life has tested every ounce of creativity and patience left in my body, but luckily I've been up to the challenge so far.

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