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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

What if words are static? Finite?

Lover. Murderer. Comedian. Doctor. Bitch. Liar. Good. Homophobe. Saint. Jew. Kind. Hateful. Slut. Angel. Racist. Male. Heart-throb. Queer. Back-stabber. Evil. American. Young. Brown-noser. Sweet. Innocent. Beautiful. Female. Haggard. Old. Christian. Ugly. Terrorist. Humble. Stupid. Boring. Snob. Chinese. Smart. Misogynist. Muslim. Sexy. Poor. Appealing. Bossy. Bad. Trash. Adulterer. Capitalist. Hero. Skinny. Millennial. Sick. Communist. Illegals. Elitist.

What if I am constantly evolving from conception to death and I'm not the same being that I came in as?

What if words are traps? Limitations?

What if?

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1 Comment

Oh hey. I’m loving this labels perspective. I’m sick of my labels. I’m just me now.

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