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Why You Keep Getting Those Daily Hang Up Calls

Does anyone else get calls from mystery phone numbers that don't talk and then hang up after you say 'hello'? Me too. Daily. Here's why this is happening and why you shouldn't answer that call. These are robocalls that are usually meant to verify your phone number. Robo-dialer software on the other end wants to confirm that your number is active and that a real person answered the phone. These calls are very short and usually disconnect as soon as you say "hello." Once the robocall software confirms that a real person answered your phone then scammers can:

1) Put your number on a calling list.

2) Sell your number to other scammers.

3) Use your phone number to make other fake calls, otherwise known as spoofing. Most robocallers sell lists of confirmed phone numbers to other companies, both legitimate and fraudulent, for big money. If you have been the recipient of one or more of these silent calls that hang up after you say 'hello', then be cautious of future calls that offer something to you. This is most likely a scam. (Extended warranty anyone?) More importantly, quit picking up numbers that you don't recognize. If it's a legitimate person that really needs to reach you then they will leave a message or send a text so that you can call them back.

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