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Facebook Is Spying On You, Try This Platform Instead

I've been on Facebook for over a decade. I've seen memes, presidents, and trends come and go. I've laughed and argued with people. I've taken those tests to find out which member of the Partridge Family that I would be. And all along Facebook was watching and collecting thousands of data points from me. The once favored social media monolith is one big spy siphon, collecting users' data for mass commercialization and prophet.

And Facebook isn't just spying on all of our actions and tracking our physical movements via gps. Have you ever noticed how something shows up in your newsfeed the day after you discussed it with one of your friends? Yeah, Facebook (and google for that matter) is also listening in on your conversations. Scary, right?

Well there is an alternative to data-hungry Facebook called Minds. It's decentralized, focused on individual privacy, and displays all posts in order (facebook relies on the algorithm's placements). On Minds, you can create blogs, channels, groups, and post videos and photos - just like on Facebook, but without all the data collection.

With Minds, there is also a monetizing option, however the platform is not based on commercial advertisements. Instead, it is based on donations and support-type monetization so you aren't bugged by those pesky ads like on FB. Did I mention that minds has it's own encrypted chat alternative to Messenger? It's called Minds Chat, and it works as good as, if not better, than messenger.

All the things you like about Facebook and none of the things you don't. Try Minds today and connect with me. @justjamesandrew

Both Minds and Minds Messenger are available for desktop and Android and iOS devices.

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