Apartheid in America, Tesla Edition

Follow Elon Musk on twitter and you won't be surprised by anything anymore. He's as narcissistic and mercurial as Donald Trump but with some intelligence to fall back on. And we now learn that the South African Native has allegedly fostered, at worst, or allowed without consequence, at best, segregation and racial disparagement in his Fremont, CA Tesla factory.

The State Of CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is suing Tesla after receiving hundreds of complaints from workers. The DFEH has been investigating hundreds of complaints for 3 years now. This announcement comes after a judge already ruled against Tesla in a $137 million civil lawsuit in 2021.

"Because the factory was racially segregated, Defendants’ workers referred to the areas where many Black and/or African-Americans worked as the 'porch monkey station.'”

"Additionally, Defendants’ workers referred to the Tesla factory as the 'slaveship' or 'the plantation,' where Defendants’ production leads 'crack[ed] the whip.' Many Black and/or African-American workers understood these terms to be references to how Defendants treated its Black and/or African-American workers. One Black worker heard these racial slurs as often as 50-100 times a day."

These claims are so disturbing and en masse that it has to make us ask:

Is Elon Musk a white supremacist?

Musk has already moved the Tesla headquarters to TX. Will the Fremont, CA factory be next? And if so, will the state of TX champion workers' rights to fair and safe employment like CA is doing? Those questions have yet to be answered.

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